About Us

Our Mission

Earcare Foundation is established to be a charity with the purpose of creating awareness
for the Hearing Impaired and Deaf communities through education and
advocacy, as well as bridging the gap between the Hearing Impaired, Deaf
and Hearing communities.
We provide practical support to counter the stigma faced within and
outside the Deaf community in order to promote open-minded and stable
societies. We are fully aware of the scale of the task. Over recent years we
have witnessed the lack of humanity and discrimination that the society
has shown towards the hearing impaired individuals. Also the killings and
displacements of thousands of hearing impaired children in the society.
But we believe that the world faces a stark choice. Closed mindedness,
where hearing impairment is seen as a threat and diversity and difference
as a danger. Or the alternative open-minded approach to the hearing
impaired and deaf community, which can lead to tolerant and stable

The work we do, and the work of many others, is not just about the
uprooting of stigma, but the uprooting of the thinking and philosophy

behind it. There is no answer to this problem that doesn’t start, and
continue, with the importance of educating our young people and exposing
them to other’s views on hearing loss.