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Hearing aids help one with hearing loss hear better in almost all situations, which improves the quality of life by reducing the physical and mental stress.

Early and consistent use of hearing aids in children with hearing loss increases their chance of starting school with similar speech and language levels to their hearing peers.

We are profoundly grateful of the continued support and donations of hearing aids from anonymous donors hence we encourage you to join in donating hearing aids, to give another person the gift to hear.

In March 2016 we received a donation of 458 pre-owned NHS digital hearing aids and batteries from an anonymous donor, which were fitted in the Coker – Aguda community.

An anonymous donor gave 60 digital hearing aids, 35 Radio FM transmitters and receivers and 66 Auditory trainers in June 2018.

In July 2021 we received a donation of 607 digital hearing aids from an anonymous donor, which we are excited to start fitting to the communities.

We welcome all types of hearing aid donations and batteries!



Aguda Surulere Lagos, Nigeria


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