Community outreach programme in rural areas of Lagos state which took place over a period of weeks in 2015. The objective was to work with the local community and its Primary Care Centres to create awareness and education on hearing loss.

We provided the communities of Coker-Aguda, Makoko, Lekki- Epe and Yaba hearing aids through a sustainable delivery service within the community.  We were joined by the 2015 NYSC medical team in Makoko to speak and educate the locals and market traders on importance of hearing health and other medical-related concerns. An alternative distribution market method was carried out through local council health centres via a quick delivery model.

Initial screening → hearing test → ear impression taking → ear mould → hearing aid fitting.

Delivery model

Partnered with local health centres – trained nurses on otoscopic examination. We preformed audiometry testing, fitted and distributed
digital hearing aids and batteries.

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