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What Community means to us?

Community is the interaction of people with common interests living in a particular area.

At EarCare Foundation, community means a group of people living and caring about each other in an environment they feel they belong together.

The community only exists with people in it. “Caring about each other” we believe is the absolute core of the community. People care for others which leads to building of trust, trust unlocks support, sharing, collaboration, hope and safety.

“Feel they belong” which is one of the most important fundamental human needs, we want to know we belong somewhere, a sense of family and home. “Together” a community gives a sense of shared identity. This shared identity matters to us at EarCare Foundation because it takes us beyond individual relationships.

At EARCARE FOUNDATION the community is at the heart of what we stand and fight for that is why we know the importance of working to build trust within each community.



Aguda Surulere Lagos, Nigeria


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