Our Approach...

We advocate for the Hearing Impaired and Deaf individuals’ and their communities to tackle stigma, using our practical programmes and education to demonstrate how coexistence and open-mindedness can be achieved.

There is simply no shortcut to fully understanding the impact of hearing loss in individual lives within the community and the rest of the world.

We mitigate this challenge by providing practical support at two levels. At the leadership level, we work with current and future leaders, providing the support to create awareness, prevent prejudice in the present and future. Working with the next generation, we want to empower young people with the knowledge and skills to learn from, live a livelihood and live alongside Hearing people without discrimination.

To do this we focus on education, awareness, advocacy and exposure. We also work with governments on the legislature to improve and create better educational and healthcare system – promoting equality for the deaf community.


Aguda Surulere Lagos, Nigeria


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