Age-related damage to the inner ear is the single biggest cause of hearing loss. It’s also known as presbycusis. Most people will experience some level of hearing loss as they go older, this type of hearing loss tends to affect both ears and increases as one gets older.

Hearing loss and dementia can often occur together as we get older and have an impact on each other. Hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia, there is strong evidence to that mild hearing loss doubles the risk of developing dementia, moderate hearing loss leads to three times the risk and severe hearing loss increases the risk five times. 

Research shows that using a hearing aid for hearing difficulties in mid-life could help a person maintain their brain function as they get older and might also reduce their risk of dementia.

In a study, people using hearing aids had faster reaction times than those who didn’t, which might indicate better concentration. Being able to stay tuned into conversations and day-to-day life is key in reducing the feelings of isolation that we know many people with dementia experience.

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