Report on the First General Membership Assembly of the
World Hearing Forum (WHF) held at the headquarters of the World Health
Organization (WHO) in Geneva on December 4-5, 2019.

In July 2018, WHO announced the creation of the World
Hearing Forum, a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing care
worldwide. The World Hearing Forum fills a critical gap by bringing a
collective vision to advocacy and collaboration in this field.

The WHO World Hearing Forum had its inaugural meeting of
over 130 stakeholders from around the world in December 2019 to provide a
unified approach to the prevention and effective treatment of deafness and
hearing loss.  In addition to the World Hearing
Report, there was also a focus on promoting the Make Listening Safe
Global Public Health Initiative
. World Hearing Day (which is held on 3
March every year) as well as other initiatives to promote effective resource
utilisation for treatment and preventative care of ear disease and hearing
loss, particularly in resource-limited settings throughout the world.

The assembly was a unique opportunity for EARCARE FOUNDATION
to increase its visibility and continue working towards a more inclusive Africa
and World. It also opened the possibility for a collaborative effort with other

The first World Hearing Forum membership assembly was very a
productive meeting which emphasised a collaborative effort and it was
particularly encouraging to see that we at Earcare Foundation are on the right
path for contributing towards a more inclusive society for all in Africa and
the rest of the world.