Rotary Club of Lagos Christmas Year End Fellowship

Earcare Foundation was invited to deliver a presentation to the Rotary Club of Lagos at its annual Christmas/Year End Fellowship at the Lagos Motorboat Club Ikoyi, Lagos. The presentation was on the purpose of educating, advocacy and creating awareness of the importance of ear and hearing health within its communities. The Rotary club members were […]

Community Outreach with Rotary Club of Lagos in Sura Lagos Island

Earcare Foundation partnered with the Rotary Club of Lagos with the purpose of educating, creating awareness of the importance of ear and hearing health within the mother and child, pregnant population in Sura Simpson Street Lagos Island. The programme was focused on microsuction earwax removal, hearing assessment, diagnosis and management of ear and hearing problems […]

The Role Of Immunisation In The Prevention Of Hearing Loss

WHO estimates that about 60% of hearing loss in children under 15 years of age is preventable. Over 30% of childhood hearing loss is caused by diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella meningitis and ear infections. These can be prevented through immunization and good hygiene practices. Another 17% of childhood hearing loss results from complications […]



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